All persons who have accepted the Organizer's invitation to visit the exhibition, as well as registered as a visitor or bought a cash ticket, agree with these rules and undertake to comply with them.

In accordance with the decree of the Mayor of Moscow, from March 03, 2022, the use of QR codes in Moscow will be discontinued.

Together with QR codes, all restrictions on visiting catering facilities, theaters, museums, as well as concerts, entertainment, cultural, entertainment, educational and sports events are lifted.

Entrance to the exhibition is possible only for professional visitors. A professional visitor is a business owner, individual entrepreneur, official, manager, manager, specialist, other representative of a specialized foreign or domestic company, enterprise, public authority, association, union, who visits the exhibition to achieve business and professional goals determined by the theme of the exhibition. To confirm the visitor's professional status, the Exhibition Organizer has the right to ask him to submit a supporting document: his own business card, a power of attorney or an official letter from the represented organization, another document confirming the visitor's professional status.

There are restrictions when visiting the exhibition!
Age restrictions: 18+.
Entry to the exhibition with animals is prohibited.
Entrance to the exhibition with children (children in wheelchairs) is prohibited.
The organizer has the right to refuse to attend the exhibition if the business dress code is not observed, and also without giving a reason.


The basis for entering the exhibition is a badge or an electronic ticket. The badge or e-ticket is valid during the entire period of the exhibition.

An electronic ticket can be printed out by yourself after completing the registration procedure on the exhibition website as a visitor. Registration of visitors on the site is open until the end of the exhibition.

The badge can be obtained at the registration desk at the entrance to the exhibition area in exchange for a cash or invitation card and a completed registration form.

A cash ticket can be purchased at the box office at the entrance to the territory of the exhibition complex.

Completing the registration form when exchanging a cash or invitation ticket for a badge is mandatory. The forms are on the tables next to the reception.

Media representatives are issued a badge after passing the accreditation procedure, the procedure for which is indicated on the exhibition website in the appropriate section.

Students of specialized universities also have the right to visit the exhibition free of charge on days determined by the Organizer. Entrance to the exhibition for these persons is carried out only accompanied by a teacher and according to the list of students officially certified by the administration of the relevant university. The list must be agreed with the Organizer no later than two weeks before the opening date of the exhibition.

The badges received at the registration desk and giving the right to enter the exhibition are nominal.

The transfer or sale of electronic tickets, as well as visitor badges, to any third party is prohibited. The exhibition organizer has the right to check the correspondence of the name indicated in the badge with the name of the visitor, for which the Organizer may ask the exhibition visitor to present an identity document.

On the territory of the exhibition, visitors are not allowed to trade, distribute any advertising and information products, conduct presentations, demonstrations, campaigns and any other promotional events and actions without the written consent of the Organizer.

On the territory of the exhibition it is forbidden to be in a condition and in a form that does not correspond to the business nature of the exhibition and generally accepted moral standards, as well as to perform actions that violate public order.

Entry to the exhibition with animals is prohibited.

In case of violation of these rules, the Exhibition Organizer has the right, without any compensation, to refuse the person who committed the violation to enter the territory of the exhibition or to require such person to leave this territory.

Main Stage (Main Stage)

Moscow, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya st., 13 building 33, Moscow, 115088

Event dates:
April 17-19, 2024

Working hours:
The event is open to visitors daily from 10:00 to 18:00, last day until 17:00